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Annual Progress Report

luna1I have to laugh at myself a little.  I’ve been really terrible about blogging.  A couple of years ago I had all of these grand and wonderful ideas about all the things I was going to accomplish and how well I was going to document everything and how  gorgeously & efficiently I was going to grow my online presence  . . . .  Well, it turns out that my concepts were a little too large for a one woman show.

But that’s OK.

I make wonderful things.  People buy them and are happy.  I use the money to keep my house warm and to make more wonderful things.  It’s a good system.

What wonderful things have I been making this year?

Hand strung 108 bead Mala pearl and Amethyst by Virginia Burnett
Pearl and Amethyst Mala by Goblins’ Market

Malas.  I love making meditation jewelry.  It is a form of meditation itself for me.  Selecting the beads, dyeing the fibers for the tassel, knotting the thread, all are at the very foundation of what I love most about my art.


Silk Satin Ice Dyed Scarf by Goblins' Market in Tiffany colorway
Silk Satin Ice Dyed Scarf by Goblins’ Market in Tiffany colorway








Ice dye.  LOTS of it.

On Silk










and Cotton Voile

Gblins' Market Ice Dye Pareo in Cotton Voile Tiffany colorway
Gblins’ Market Ice Dye Pareo in Cotton Voile Tiffany colorway








Goblins' Market Ice Dyed Rayon Jersey wrap, wear as scarf, dress or skirt
Goblins’ Market Ice Dyed Rayon Jersey wrap, wear as scarf, dress or skirt








and Jersey






















and on Tunic Dresses

Tunic Dress Ice Dyed by Goblins' Market
Tunic Dress Ice Dyed by Goblins’ Market

October will be seeing some evolution around here:  Tomorrow I will be taking some pretty things in to Soap Guys & Company in Potsdam so local folks can drop in to buy pretty things in person.

I’m going to be shutting my Amazon shop – which I never even got around to advertising here – because I really don’t like they way they want to dictate how I interact with customers.  According to their TOS, I can’t even share my blog address.  I’m an artist, not a merchant and that’s a pretty important distinction to me.

I’m also going to refine my Etsy shop this month and update my ArtFire shop, which is currently empty.  I’ll be clearing out several styles of jewelry.   So keep your eyes open for sales!   (I’ve finally accepted the fact that I’m just not a mass producer.  Dying a large run of scarves in the same colorway is one thing – making 50 pair of earring clones in one sitting is another.  Yuck!)

In November, I’ll be at the Arts Council again for Studio Tour, and then for an Art Market and the Tastes & Talents of the North Country show in early December.  I’ll keep you posted!