Colorful Studio

Yardage ready for Dyeing
Waiting for the Dye Vat

It’s not a pretty sight, is it?  The Lair is almost always messy.

There are so many steps to all of the dyeing processes.  And beads?  Well, they might as well stay out all the time.

On Monday this week, I dug into a bin of unfinished experiments, assigned them colors for overdyeing and tied or bundled them, depending on what the first layers of dye looked like.

Cat Sleeping in Silk
Grainne in the Silk Bin

I also opened the white silk & rayon bin to get out a scarf for a custom order.  Grainne promptly found the bin and fell asleep on a pristine length of white silk Dupoini.

It has been a busy week with appointments and Halloween commitments but this morning saw the first fabrics come out of their dye baths.  They are drying right now – the blues are glorious!

I have news about Studio Tour and Potsdam’s Winter Farmers’ Market but I’ll post that later with photos of some of this fabric after drying and ironing.

The Rinse Vat
The Rinse Vat

Studio Tour in 16 days!

Studio Tour takes place November 9, 10 & 11!

Bracelet of leather, lace and Freshwater Pearl
Leather and Lace Bracelet

The St Lawrence County Arts Council has put out a brochure with a map and list of participating artists.

You can download the brochure here as a PDF file (it does take a while – there are lots of beautiful pictures of artists’ work in there!) or pick one up at the Arts Council office to help plan your driving tour.



Splendid Caterpillar Bracelet
Bronze Dragon Scale Bracelet


If you have limited time, come to Potsdam!   6 of us will be showing our work in Downtown Snell Hall.   It also looks like there will be some fabulous stuff happening up in Akwesasne.  So plan to get out, enjoy some art and get a jump on your Holiday shopping!


Hand Embroidered Felt Flower Pin
Embroidered Felt Flower PIn

Studio Tour 2013

Rem Fest Booth
Goblins Market Booth at Remington Festival

Molly and I had a fabulous time at Remington Festival in Canton last weekend!  The weather was kind, the visitors were friendly and Molly’s pink hair looked wonderful with the Alchemy Scarves!

I will also be displaying my scarves, jewelry and other goodies during the St. Lawrence County Arts Council’s Studio Tour the weekend of November 9, 10 and 11.  More of Molly’s Moravian stars will be available, too.  And maybe we will even have a make-your-own-earrings table!

You will be able to find Goblins’ Market in the 2nd floor dance studio of Downtown Snell Hall in Potsdam.  You can visit this interactive map to find the building!  Click on the green circle numbered 2 over the town of Potsdam on the map.  Downtown Snell Hall is red number 1 on the pop up map.   I know that Sara Lynch, Isaac Snell & Radmilla Zuman  will also be showing and selling their work in the building.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find Jim Bullard and a few other pleasant surprises on site, also!

Molly at Rem Fest
Molly Burnett at Remington Festival

Since SLC Arts Council closed the Art Gallery & Shop in Potsdam, this may be your best opportunity to see my work and that of other local artists in person for holiday shopping season.  So save the dates!  Make a plan to get out and visit real live artists in November!