New Goals, New Work – a Fresh Start for Spring

It was a horrible winter in Far Upstate NY.  There were lots and lots of very cold days and nights and winter hung on for much longer than usual.  The worst part of the winter came when we had to say goodbye to our beloved silk tester, Grainne.  She truly was a queen of cats.  There was so much cold and sadness that it felt like we had nothing good to share.  We were living at Goblin subsistence level for many, many days, hence the silence here on this blog.

Now at the end of May, spring is finally here, the leaves are on the trees, birds are singing and there is warmth in the sun.  I’m shaking off my SAD and getting back to work with some ambitious new goals and some helpful tools to keep me motivated.  Molly is learning how to do many of the things that need doing at Goblins’ Market as she ponders how to best navigate adulthood so, for now, I have an extra set of hands online and in the studio.

In the next few weeks, look for new beads and chokers over in our Etsy shop. You can still find us at GoblinsMarket at ArtFire but Etsy’s new management tools really are helping me stay on top of inventory better than ever before.

Also, keep your eyes open here for results of our ice dyeing experiments and an easy tutorial for trying this technique out for yourself. You might also want to check out my Pinterest boards. If you like beads, textiles, color and texture, you will especially love my collection of fab stuff on the Fabulous Beadwork & Textiles board.

Wishing you a glorious Springtime, V.