Moon Phase Planner Progress

intentions sheet
Intentions sheet for Moon Phase planning

After Christmas, I started working on a Moon Phase planner.  It’s almost done.  But not quite.  Hopefully by the end of next week!

But I do have some fun brainstorming planner pages for you.

I have been having lots of fun doodling and I’ve been re-learning how to use GIMP to clean up my scanned doodles and turn them into something useful for you.


planner pages
non-linear planning pages

You can buy the Intentions sheet set and the Non-linear Planning set in my Etsy shop.  They’re very inexpensive and you can print them for personal use as often as you need.

I have found the brainstorming and non-linear planning approach to be really helpful in the past few weeks.  I’m trying to get all of my ideas down without stifling them with a rigid list of checkboxes.

Don’t get me wrong – checkboxes are great and I use those daily but they aren’t very useful when you are

bubble planning
Bubble Planner Page – rough

trying to think through your stress or simply brainstorming to identify your next set of goals and intentions.  Meditation and insight comes first and these pages have been helping me with that!

If you want to give the whole non-linear planning thing a whirl, go ahead and download the Bubble Planner page as a jpg right here.  (This version is raw – I haven’t cleaned it up at all.  It will be part of my next PDF pack over on Etsy soon.)

And don’t worry – I also have scarves and pendants to photograph and a batch of things waiting for the ice.  I’m not going totally Black and White and two dimensional on you!