side view of large hole focal bead

Beaded Beads!

Artisan Beadwoven Bead
Urchin Berry Large Hole Slider Bead
side view of large hole focal bead
Detail - Urchin Berry Beaded Bead side view

With all of the summertime hullabaloo here in The Hollow, I’ve had very little time or inclination to sit in front of the computer.  But I have made time to play with beads!

During my down time during the school break, I have been making pretty little beaded beads.  They are a great project size – I can finish one in a couple of hours – have plenty of embellishment potential and they fit nicely on my Pandora style bracelet with the beautiful lampwork beads my kids have bought for me as gifts.  (What can you give a mom who makes all her own scarves and jewelry?  Artisan Glass Beads!)

Beadwoven Large Hole Focal Bead
Copper Grey and Teal Zen Wheel

The beads are woven using 11o TOHOs in Right Angle Weave.  I used a pattern by South African artist, Heather Collin of studio 183 to get me started working on this scale.  Her Satellite beads and Sabine Ring patterns result in nice, sturdy structures that hold their shape and don’t leave a lot of exposed thread.  Once you have tried the basic patterns a few times, you can start embellishing on your own – making the beads bigger or wider and introducing different bead styles for embellishment.

I have two more going on my bead tray this weekend and loaded a bunch of them into my Etsy shop this morning.  You can find them in my Artisan Beads and Pins

Artisan Wide Hole Bead
Springtime Large Hole Beadwoven Focal Slider Bead

section.  Maybe I will even bring some to the Remington Arts Festival next month!  I’m even thinking of playing with this basic bead style and scaling it larger to become a scarf ring.