Yardage ready for Dyeing

Colorful Studio

Yardage ready for Dyeing
Waiting for the Dye Vat

It’s not a pretty sight, is it?  The Lair is almost always messy.

There are so many steps to all of the dyeing processes.  And beads?  Well, they might as well stay out all the time.

On Monday this week, I dug into a bin of unfinished experiments, assigned them colors for overdyeing and tied or bundled them, depending on what the first layers of dye looked like.

Cat Sleeping in Silk
Grainne in the Silk Bin

I also opened the white silk & rayon bin to get out a scarf for a custom order.  Grainne promptly found the bin and fell asleep on a pristine length of white silk Dupoini.

It has been a busy week with appointments and Halloween commitments but this morning saw the first fabrics come out of their dye baths.  They are drying right now – the blues are glorious!

I have news about Studio Tour and Potsdam’s Winter Farmers’ Market but I’ll post that later with photos of some of this fabric after drying and ironing.

The Rinse Vat
The Rinse Vat