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Back from Buyer Days

Display Unit Buyer Days 2013
The display unit Bry built for my scarves

The Buyer Days show in Saratoga Springs last week was a great learning experience.  I didn’t sell much but met some wonderful artisans & shop owners and found that there are a lot of things I need to prepare differently for my next trade show.

Alchemy scarves first layer of dye
Grainne sleeping on a forbidden bed






One major bonus of doing the show is that I now also have a lot of new inventory that needs to be photographed!  That feels a bit daunting but I recognize that it is a great opportunity to refresh my ArtFire shop.  I normally only produce work on this scale in the fall, when it flies out of galleries faster than I can photograph it!   During this slow season  I can afford to take some time to document my recent work and offer some ready-to-ship pieces online.  We are hoping for some warm weather tomorrow so maybe Molly will model for me outside.  The tool shed makes a great backdrop and I’m really excited about the Rustic scarves I made for the show.

Display unit with Scarves and Pin Kits
Alchemy Scarves, Felt Pins, Rustic Scarves

One thing I really need to have made up, besides working on this site, is a great brochure. I have so many different types of scarves that a price sheet just isn’t sufficient for sending home with people.  So as I get photos done, I will be adding complete descriptions for each of my scarf styles here  and posting ready to ship scarves in my ArtFire shop.  If you took a wholesale price sheet home from my booth and have come here seeking enlightenment about scarf styles, I promise that epiphanies will be available by mid-April!


Welcome to GoblinsMarket!

Thank you for stopping by!

I’m preparing to attend ANCA’s 2013 Buyer Days show in Saratoga Springs at the end of March.  It is a big step for me and there’s a lot of work to be done in the studio to get ready.  I’m excited – and terrified!

When I get back, I will work on adding a gallery of past work, tutorials, book and product reviews and information for both retail and wholesale customers on this site.  In the meantime, please feel free to visit me in the following places:

for Adornment – scarves, jewelry and other wearables –  www.GoblinsMarket.ArtFire.Com

for Supplies: beads, filigree and hand dyed fibers –

eye candy – my Pinterest Boards

Joyous Creating!