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Holiday Offer and Housecleaning

Amethyst and raven wing pearl mala – in progress with hand dyed silk tassel and rose quartz beads

November is always a challenge for me.  Wood stove season brings all kinds of new challenges to the studio – more dust, woodchips, remembering to stop working and build the fire BEFORE the studio freezes over.  That sort of thing.

This autumn has been kind so far and the work done in the studio over the spring and summer have made a big difference for me.  I have shelving and cupboards for all my storage bins and counter space and a big, sturdy central table to work on – it’s a lot more functional around here.

As a result, there are more beautiful things in my Etsy shop than I’ve had for any previous Holiday Season and more will be added in the next couple of weeks.

Sandalwood and Jade Mala – in progress with hand dyed silk tassel, turquoise and ceramic accent beads

To celebrate and to help make your Holiday shopping a little easier, I’m offering free Priority Mail shipping on all orders over $35.00.  Use coupon code FREESHIP16 at checkout on Etsy.  This coupon is good until December 17th.

(I also think it’s nice for those of you who live to far away to make it to my holiday shows to be able to get your hands on pretty things without added shipping charges.)

I also will be putting some things in a special clearance section of the shop.  I’ve decided to no longer work with base metals  in my jewelry and have lots of earrings to move out.  Plus there are a few beautiful scarves that have been waiting for a home for a long time.  I put a lot of love and  really good energy into each scarf and I like them to go to good homes before that energy fades.

I’ll keep you posted on that.

I’ve got some Malas to finish up tonight now that the silk for their tassels is dyed and dry.

vintage czech glass fruit clusters

And I’m contemplating what to do with these gorgeous vintage Czech glass fruit clusters.  One of our beloved local artists, Radmila Zuman, passed away this year and her family were cleaning out her studio & selling her supplies for neighborhood charities during Studio Tour.  I popped in to find some mementos of Radmila, who was vibrant, kind, intelligent, elegant and creatively productive right up to the end of her 85 years.  She grew up in Prague and became an internationally renowned bobbin lace maker and recently had been making jewelry using fine precious metal wire and ancient lace techniques!  When I found the fruit clusters among her beads, I knew that I had found a piece of her history that I can treasure for a long, long time.  I hope I can be more like her when I grow up!