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The Goblins Have Been Busy

leather and lace bracelet embellished with beads
Bead encrusted lace sewn to teal leather to make a gorgeous cuff bracelet.

It has been a challenging summer here in the Hollow.  Molly spent most of July and half of August working as  a TA in summer school so I was down a pair of hands in the studio.   But we managed to get stuff done anyway.

Aqua and gold beaded lace bracelet
czech glass and TOHO seed beads decorate Venise Lace to create a beautiful cuff bracelet.


The beaded lace bracelet from the beginning of July got finished and also an even more fabulous leather and beaded lace cuff.  I used teal leather and a wonderfully fringed ivory lace to make a cuff bracelet that evokes the glamour and swing of the Roaring 20’s.  The goblins are pleased with both of them – they are so sparkly and decadent!

Roaring 20's Lace and Leather Fringed Bracelet
Venise Lace, Teal Leather, TOHO seed beads, Czech glass beads and Sequins form a Roaring 20;s style bracelet

We drafted a pattern for a Goblin Frock and ice dyed some linen to make a trial run with.  We haven’t gotten around to actually cutting the fabric yet.  It is so pretty just as it is.

Linen Ice Dye in Rust Cherry
Linen rayon blend with Rust, Black Cherry and aqua ice dye

Speaking of which, next week I will start listing ice dyed fabric yardage in the Etsy shop.  Individual lengths of fabric will be available until we sew them into Goblin Frocks pr Smocks or Tunics.

This week, I listed 10 new ice and alchemy dyed Hemp Rayon Jersey Scarves in the Etsy shop.  If you see one you like, snap it up soon because the last batch sold out within a week.

Mauve and Dangerous Ice Dyed Jersey Scarf
Hemp Rayon Jersey Ice Dyed scarf in red, plum, mauve

The goblins love it when they hear the smart phone go “Cha-Ching!”  It means they can order new fabric to do more ice dyeing!


And here’s a final photo of the patterning on my favorite from the last batch of ice dying we did.  The greens are wonderful here!

Ice Dyed scarf in Forest Canopy Greens
Hemp Rayon Jersy Ice Dyed scarf in chartreuse, lime, forest and aqua

Ice Dying Class

Did I say something about July being slow in the studio?  Well, it certainly hasn’t been slow in the house!  Summer always seems to bring its own brand of chaos and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t impose and sense of order on it.   Hence the blog silence lately.

Detail of Ice Dye on Hemp Rayon Jersey

Anyway – I wanted to announce that next Saturday, August 9th, I will be teaching a Rust and Ice Dying class for the St. Lawrence County Arts Council in Potsdam, NY.  I will lead people in an exploration of using two natural processes to add color to fabric; oxidation and melting.  Students will take home a rust dyed scarf (scarf provided by me) and an ice dyed item of their choice – a tee shirt, some fabric yardage – anything you want to dye provided it is a cellulose fiber (cotton, rayon, bamboo, hemp, linen or a blend of any of those. )

Rust Dyed Silk Scraf
Rustic Scarf – crepe de chene 11×60 inches

The class is $19.00 for members of the Arts Council or $22.00 for non-members.   If you decide to come, be prepared to return to the classroom later in the day or early in the following week as the ice dyed items will need to be stationary as the ice melts.  People can take their rust dying scarf packet at the end of class.

You can register online here or call the SLC Arts Council at 315-265-6860.

Sometime soon I will tell you about what the Goblinessa has been scheming about in the middle of the night and show you more photos of beaded lace bracelets.


New Beads and Scarves in Etsy Shop

Jersey scarf in purple and gold
Alchemy dyed Jersey scarf in orchid purple and golden ivory

I’ve spent the last few days taking photos and uploading items into GoblinsMarket on Etsy.

If you are looking for the perfect summer gift for yourself or others, you will find some Ice dyed and Alchemy dyed jersey scarves.  The fabric is a sustainable organic hemp rayon which takes the dye beautifully.  They are unbelievably soft with gorgeous drape and they don’t wrinkle easily, which makes them the perfect vacation accessory.

Ice dyed rayon jersey scarf
hemp rayon hand dyed scarf in blues & greens

I also listed some gorgeous beads that I bought this spring.  There are some really beautiful Venetian style beads in shades of purple,  firey orange and a mouth watering avocado green.

I also listed some clearance beads and some beads that have been hanging around the studio waiting to be photographed for a while.  You can find all the new beads in the Czech glass section of GoblinsMarket on Etsy.

Orchid amethyst and citrine glass with venetian finish
9×6 Venetian glass droplet beads in orchid, amethyst and citrine.
gold finish avocado green druks
4mm druks – avocado green with gold venetian finish
3x11 venetian daggers in pink and purple
Venetian gold dust finish on pink and purple dagger beads 3x11mm
Green drop beads with venetian gold finish
Avocado Gold Dust Droplet Beads 9x6mm