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Ice Dying Class

Did I say something about July being slow in the studio?  Well, it certainly hasn’t been slow in the house!  Summer always seems to bring its own brand of chaos and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t impose and sense of order on it.   Hence the blog silence lately.

Detail of Ice Dye on Hemp Rayon Jersey

Anyway – I wanted to announce that next Saturday, August 9th, I will be teaching a Rust and Ice Dying class for the St. Lawrence County Arts Council in Potsdam, NY.  I will lead people in an exploration of using two natural processes to add color to fabric; oxidation and melting.  Students will take home a rust dyed scarf (scarf provided by me) and an ice dyed item of their choice – a tee shirt, some fabric yardage – anything you want to dye provided it is a cellulose fiber (cotton, rayon, bamboo, hemp, linen or a blend of any of those. )

Rust Dyed Silk Scraf
Rustic Scarf – crepe de chene 11×60 inches

The class is $19.00 for members of the Arts Council or $22.00 for non-members.   If you decide to come, be prepared to return to the classroom later in the day or early in the following week as the ice dyed items will need to be stationary as the ice melts.  People can take their rust dying scarf packet at the end of class.

You can register online here or call the SLC Arts Council at 315-265-6860.

Sometime soon I will tell you about what the Goblinessa has been scheming about in the middle of the night and show you more photos of beaded lace bracelets.